Dream of: 08 April 1984 (2) "The Church Or The Play"

the incessant and

pure voice of god calls men to

their roles in this life 

I was with some people in the living room of a house where I was supposed to be learning a part for a play. I had a book containing the play which I had read through, but I hadn't yet memorized my part in the play which was scheduled to be performed that very day. I read over the first paragraph of the play and I couldn't even correctly pronounce many of the words. I was having a terrible time. I finally made it through the paragraph, but I still didn't understand the meaning of many words. One word was spelled "pure," but it was pronounced like "pyura," the meaning of which had something to do with a boat.

One man in particular seemed to be helping me. After he told me to memorize the first paragraph, I started working on that, even though I was also preoccupied with other matters since I was supposed to go to church in a short while with some other people who were supposed to arrive.

When I concentrated, however, I realized the first paragraph wasn't actually my part, but the part of another girl who was also in the room: my second cousin Brenda (but it seemed as if her name were Jane). After she began memorizing the first paragraph, I turned to the man who had asked me to memorize the first paragraph and I said, "Well there's no sense in my memorizing her lines, is there?"

He agreed with me and said, "No, don't worry about that then. Just start memorizing your own lines."

The girl was also having difficulty memorizing the first paragraph which contained a reference to a skin disease. Apparently the character of that first-paragraph role had several skin diseases with which to contend.

Finally I looked at the clock and said something like, "Its just going to be absolutely impossible for us to memorize all this play and be ready for this play later today. We're either going to have to not go to church or we're going to have to cancel the play. I don't think even if we cancel the church we'd be able to do it."

Since the play was scheduled after church, I thought if we didn't go to church, then we would have extra time to work on the play, even though I still thought it was too late to memorize all our lines. Moreover, we hadn't even rehearsed the play yet. I thought it might be possible for us to just read the play in front of the audience, but I didn't think that reading the play would really be a good idea. Simply reading the play wouldn't look good, but reading the play actually looked like about the only alternative at this point. 

Dream Commentary of January 24, 2015

The play is the thing. Which is more intriguing - the theatrical or the religious aspects of the Dream Journal? Perhaps the two are not entirely distinct. The stage has appeared more than once inside the churches in my dreams, and I perceive a sort of play taking place on the Dream Journal with different dream-journalists assuming various roles. I compare the living souls of those dream-journalists with the soul of God. Just as the souls of some church-goers seek union with God, so do those of certain dream-journalists. Thus the play and the Ch may not be entirely distinct.

choose art over religion

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