Dream of: 08 April 1984 "Title Examination"

I came home to a house in which I was living in Portsmouth and found a note on the door. I opened the note and at the top was a line which I had written to relatives of mine. The line said I was sorry because I was unable to come to some kind of family reunion or family party. I had earlier sent the note to my relatives and told them to contact me.

Below the note was a note written to me from a relative who was living in Louisiana. He said he needed someone to examine the title to some property which he apparently had the deed to. About 330 acres was involved. He said there had also been an oil well and a tap to an oil well on the land. Apparently the land had been flooded for a long time by the government and he now wanted to make sure he had a good title to the property.

I looked over the letter, trying to decide if I could do anything. The man had already given me about $300 to do the work for him. I thought perhaps I should go to Vaughn and show him what I had, but I also thought perhaps I should just do the work on my own and collect the fees. 

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