Dream of: 06 April 1984 "Purple Horse"

One night after Louise and I had had an argument in a car, I went to a house where Jon was living, entered and found Jon inside. I took off all my clothes and began telling Jon about what had happened between Louise and me. After Jon left the room, I began noticing all the windows here, and the many small statues sitting in the windows. I picked up one statue, which appeared to be a purple horse. One leg came off the horse and I tried to put it back on so it would look right.

Jon walked back into the room and I continued talking to him about what had happened between Louise and me. At the same time I noticed cars going past outside and hunkered down so no one would see me here nude. I was also concerned Louise might come by, and I didn't want to see her right now.

Jon and I walked to the kitchen in the front of the house and shut the door behind us. I asked Jon where my pants were and he told me they were in one of the cabinets here. I opened a cabinet and pulled out a pair of pants, some old blue jeans I had left here once before. They were covered with dirt from where I had been working that time. I wanted to know where the pants were which I had just worn in.

I continued seeing the lights from cars as they went past outside. Each time I would duck down, each time I asked if Louise was in the car and each time Jon said no. Finally he said, "There she is. Go into the other room and hide and wait there."

He pushed the kitchen door open. I bent down on my hands and knees and crawled into the next room just as I heard Louise coming to the outside kitchen door. In the next room I saw a stairway and wondered whether I should go upstairs and hide. 

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