Dream of: 05 April 1984 "Last Day Of School"

Phil Lane called me in Portsmouth and wanted to know if I would help him out on a drug deal. He said he was going to buy some kilos and pay $3,500 per kilo. I thought he was probably talking about cocaine. He wanted me to meet Eldridge (a former schoolmate from high school) at the high school and find out the price of each kilo.

I was attending high school and went to school that day. After school let out, I waited around and looked for Eldridge. It seemed as if this was the last day of school and I began thinking that after this day I wouldn't know anyone at school anymore, except for possibly a very few people. I thought I would still know Carla (who was a year behind me in school).

I was also supposed to meet Wood (another former schoolmate from high school). I saw Wood, but I didn't see Eldridge. Wood wanted me to go to his house with him, so I did.

When we arrived at Wood's house, his mother was in the back room. I wasn't wearing a shirt. Wood told me to go into his room and wait for him. I did so and as I waited, I looked up and saw his mother standing in the doorway looking and smiling at me. Finally she turned around and walked away.

Wood walked back in, and after we talked for a short while, we stepped outside. We talked about the drug deal I was getting involved with, and apparently we were planning to go to Cincinnati to buy the drugs. I was excited about the drug deal and I felt good about helping out with it. Someone else pulled up in a car and we walked over to it. Two fellows were in the car and they had some marijuana in a box.

Lane then walked out of the house next door, where he apparently lived. In the meantime, I had managed to see Eldridge for a few minutes and get the prices on the kilos. First Eldridge had said the kilos were $3,500 apiece, but then he had lowered the price to $3,000 apiece. That was the information I needed to give to Lane. But I didn't want to tell Lane the information in front of Wood. So finally I said to Wood, "Just leave us alone for a few minutes so I can tell him something."

Wood walked away and I said to Lane, "It's going to be $3,000 a ki."

At that point I realized for that price he must be buying marijuana and not cocaine.

I was supposed to get a portion of each kilo if I helped out in the deal. So we all got ready to get in the car to go to Cincinnati to make the deal. I asked Lane if he could first go back into the house and get me a shirt. He said sure and brought me out a black tee shirt which I got ready to put on. 

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