The more I compare the myth of Oedipus with my own life, the more preposterous and unbelievable the whole myth becomes. First, oracles cannot tell the future, as the Delphic oracle foretold the future of Oedipus. Second, man's future is not predestined, as Oedipus' future apparently was.

Dream of: 02 April 1984 (2) "Marigold"

I was in a large mansion in Portsmouth where my mother and my sister were living. I descended a large stairways, saw that the television show "Dallas" was just beginning on television and thought about watching it.

My mother then came home, accompanied by a beautiful 16-17 year-old blonde girl named Marigold. I had seen Marigold with my sister before, but I had never spoken with her. I wondered if she were called Mary for short. She was thin and her face was exquisitely beautiful. I liked her. My mother and Marigold sat down and I thought they were going to watch Dallas.

The more I looked at the room we were in, the more it seemed as if we were outside in a yard. I had been thinking earlier about doing some exercises and I decided to do them now. I took off running across the yard, somersaulted over in mid-air and landed on my feet. I repeated the same move two or three times. I then leaped into the air, and while in the air, bent my body back so my feet touched the back of my head. I then straightened out and landed back on the ground. I repeated that move two or three times.

Meanwhile I noticed Geary (a former classmate from high school who later became an attorney) had walked in and was standing near a fence. I spoke with him and remembered that he had gone to law school and that I had never seen him since he had started law school.

Next to the fence was a gigantic dark-colored tree. Somehow the center of the tree had been cut out, but gigantic branches had grown out along the sides.

Geary asked me if I planned to stay in Portsmouth with my mother. He saw that I had moved some things into my mother's house and that I didn't have a place of my own to live. I said, "No. I'll probably just be here for a few months."

He walked over and hugged me. I likewise put my arms around him. He was probably twice as tall as I and my head only came to his stomach. He was happy to hear I wasn't going to stay in Portsmouth. He seemed to think staying in Portsmouth would be a terrible mistake. I said, "I can't help it. I hate this town."  

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