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Dream of: 02 April 1984 "Leverage"

A couple other fellows and I had been having sex with some girl in the Gallia County Farmhouse. She had black hair and was probably in her late teens. I was wondering if she was a nymphomaniac. Although all of us had had sex with the girl two or three times, none of us had actually ejaculated. I asked the girl to come into the bedroom with me again, and she did so. I lay down on top of her and began having intercourse with her. I continued as I began to sense that she was close to climaxing herself. I said to her, "Put your legs around me."

She wrapped both her legs around me and that seemed to give me more leverage. Finally I felt a tremendous climaxing building in me, until I finally climaxed and ejaculated three or four times. The girl climaxed at the same time. 

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