Dream of: 01 April 1984 "Temperature In Space"

I was in a room with a man and a woman who were astronauts. They were talking about the temperature on the outside of a spaceship presently in orbit around the earth. I asked what was the temperature on the exterior of the spaceship.

They said it was about 80 degrees and I asked if there were any difference in the temperature on the outside of the spaceship in the summer and the winter, when the spaceship was in space.

They answered that the temperature was about 120 degrees in the summer and about 80 degrees in winter on the outside of the spaceship.

I told them I was surprised, that I would have thought that the temperature on the outside of the spaceship wouldn't have varied whether it was winter or summer.

In front of us was spread out what appeared to be a sheet and on the sheet were some designs. I pointed to a circle on the sheet and said, "Now if this were the sun," and then I went to a small point about 10 meters away on the sheet and said, "And if this little dot down here were the earth, it would be approximately proportionate."

The man astronaut answered, "Yea, it would probably be even farther than that."

I said, "If this dot is the earth, this is where it would be in the winter."

I then went to another dot a little closer to the circle representing the sun and said, "This little dot is where it would be in the summer, due to the ellipsis, the elliptical circuit of the earth around the sun. Well, look, if you take this little tiny spaceship floating around the earth out here, it's not going to make any difference, due to summer or winter, in all this distance from the sun, due to that small amount of distance."

The man disagreed and said it would still make a difference and that it would be hotter on the spaceship in the summer. We continued talking a while until he finally went outside, boarded a bus and drove away. 

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