Dream of: 31 March 1984 "Polisi"

Louise and I were walking in the streets of a city and turned down one small street where we encountered a group of long-haired people who looked like hippies sitting under some tall bamboo. Deciding it wasn't safe here, we headed back in the direction from which we had come. We passed several burly-looking fellows and became quite apprehensive.

We were in a narrow alley and only needed to pass two more men to reach the corner. As we were about to pass them, one man stepped in front of us and grabbed Louise. He began taking her back down the alley and said to me, "If you do anything to call the police, I'll take care of you in a few minutes."

I began trying to get around the other man so I could call the police, but he grabbed me and tried to stop me. I kicked him and then picked him up. All the while he was saying, "Polisi. Polisi. Polisi."

Apparently he was trying to call the police himself. Finally I threw him through a plate glass window; glass shattered all about. I could then see a policeman down at the end of the street and he began running toward me. I just hoped we would make it back in time to help Louise.

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