Dream of: 28 March 1984 "Freudian Slip"

I had quit my job in Waco and returned to Portsmouth. I planned to stay in Portsmouth a few days before going on to someplace else. I was walking down the street intending to head to Shawnee State College, when I saw some people gathering in a vacant lot a couple blocks away from the Gay Street House, approximately where the Alexandria House should have been. I walked over to the people, some of whom I knew, and began talking with them. Apparently they were having a little party of some sort.

One fellow asked me questions about what I had been doing and where I was going. I told him I had been working in Waco and I was now planning to go somewhere else to work. He wondered if I might be interested in staying and working in Portsmouth. I said, "Well, if I had my rathers, I'd probably go down around the Rio Grande."

He indicated I might be able to get a job in Portsmouth. Apparently he knew of an insurance company which might be hiring people now. We sat down and talked some more until he finally pulled out a stock certificate and showed it to me for a company called Jackson Telecommunications Company. I recognized the name, although I thought the company had gone out of business. I said, "Oh yea, I've heard of that company."

The stock certificate was green on the front. He told me that if I ever had any stock certificates made, I shouldn't have them colored green on the front, but should use another color. I told him I preferred blue myself.

The front of the certificate had a map which appeared to contain a river and a harbor. I thought I saw the words "Rio Grande" on it. The word "Manhattan" appeared in the upper right corner. Some other names of cities were also there, and the map appeared to cover the entire United States. I also saw the name "Jackson" on the certificate, and I inferred that the company was based in Jackson, Ohio, about 70 kilometers from Portsmouth.

We talked about the insurance company again; I learned that the company was apparently involved in collection work. I told the fellow I was pretty good at that. He asked me where I would rather work and I replied, "Well, I'd rather work where it's most lucrative."

Then I added, "Oh, that's a Freudian slip. I didn't mean to say 'lucrative'. I meant to say 'enjoyable'."

I felt strange about not having a job at the moment. I was going to have to start working again soon, but I was unsure I wanted to take the first thing that came along, such as the job in Portsmouth.

I heard some music playing and Hernandez (a former law student) walked up, sat next to me on my left and began talking with me. I didn't really care much for him. I remembered how he had tried to make a pass at Louise a few times.

He wanted to know where I had been working. I told him I had been working in Waco, but I had just quit my job. I told him I had only become an attorney within the last few days. He wanted to know how much money I made and I said, "Oh, I made about $120 a day right now."

He said, "Well, most people make about that much money."

I agreed, and then added that now that I was a lawyer, I would start making more money.

Quite a few people began gathering around and sitting down. Some train tracks were also near us. Some girls sat down not far from us. A couple attractive girls began dancing and twirling around like ballerinas. One fell down and some people gasped. She stood back up. Another girl fell down and didn't rise back up. Five or six other concerned girls ran over to her and finally she stood back up. I thought it was all quite interesting how the people had gathered here.

Some more fellows showed up. One fellow looked particularly dissolute. He was overweight and wearing a blue tee shirt. Hernandez asked the fellow if he had a certain kind of alcohol. Instead of responding, the fellow walked away and sat with some other fellows.

I began thinking I needed to stand up, leave and go to the college. I didn't want to stay here and waste my evening.

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