Dream of: 27 March 1984 "Living In The Past"

I was staying in the Gallia County Farmhouse and awoke one morning about 10 a.m. after having slept in the small upstairs bedroom. I had received a paper from someplace and I began going through it. It was filled with strange advertisements which I began reading. Most of the ads seemed worthless. One ad was from someone in Waco. Another ad said someone had Bic pens for sale for $1 a piece. He said he would send a Bic pen to anyone who would write.

I also opened a small metal box which had come with the paper and inside I found a letter which said the person who had sent it was in some kind of "opium club," which consisted of artists who used opium. The box also contained a small piece of opium in it.

The letter said that many misconceptions existed about opium and that if used properly, opium could actually help bring out artistic drives in people. Opium didn't necessarily just put people to sleep. Apparently the people in the club gathered regularly and discussed the beneficial uses of opium. The letter also said, "If anyone knows where I can obtain any opium, please contact me."

I thought that seemed like solicitation of a drug, and I thought that was probably a crime. I noticed the letter hadn't offered to sell any opium. But I thought it was still probably illegal to try to obtain it.

I got out of the bed and sat on the floor. I laid the opium in the bottom of the little metal box, found some matches and then lit the opium. The opium began smoking and I sniffed the smoke into my nostrils. I continued until about half the opium was gone, when I suddenly heard a knock at the door, which was locked. I went to the door and said, "Who is it."

It was my grandmother Mabel. She wanted to come in and clean up the room. I told her to come back later, but she insisted she had to come in right now. I was afraid if she came in she would be able to smell the smoke in the room. I said, "I'll be right there."

I walked over to some large double windows in the room and opened them. I could immediately feel the air coming in and airing out the room. I put on a pair of pants, went back to the door and opened it. I was startled to see a man (about 50 years old) standing there. As he walked in, I thought the room was probably aired out enough so he wouldn't smell anything. He said he was here to check out the air conditioning, walked over to an air conditioning unit in the window and pulled it out. I said, "Yes, it was not working well last night at all. I couldn't get it to run."

He said he had to take it to work on it and then he left with the unit.

My step-grandfather Clarence then showed up in the hallway outside my door and I went out to him. He wanted to show me something and we walked together down the hall to another room which had a red throw rug on the floor. I helped him move something off the rug, and he said he needed to clean up a spot on it. He walked out of the room and I looked more closely at the rug. I was uncertain, but I thought perhaps someone had dropped some gum on it and created a spot.

I looked around the room and thought it looked quite shabby up here. And here he worried about cleaning up this old rug. It seemed as if Clarence and Mabel just lived in the past, taking care of these old things which didn't really matter.

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