Dream of: 26 March 1984 "Rostro De Amor"

I had decided it would be best for Louise and me to move to Puerto Rico and begin practicing law there; I thought about what it would be like if we lived there. The last time I had been in Puerto Rico I had been paying about $80 a month for a room in which to live. Now we could afford about four times that amount, about $320; we should be able to find a fairly nice apartment for that price.

I considered what kind of law we would practice there; I thought we should only practice law in the federal courts. Even though we were only licensed to practice in Texas, we could practice in the federal courts in Puerto Rico, because lawyers licensed to practice in the federal courts can practice in any federal court.

One problem was that a lawyer first needed to practice a year in state courts before being able to practice in federal courts. I soon would have been practicing for a year and would qualify. Louise would have to wait a while longer, but she would qualify not long afterwards.

I thought of the different types of law we could practice in the federal courts. I considered bankruptcy since that was strictly federal. We could also handle diversity cases, where a citizen from one state was suing a citizen from another state.

I even imagined myself in a court room scene watching a couple lawyers who both appeared to be in their late 20s. One wasn't wearing a suit, but had on a brown shirt and a bluish brown sports jacket similar to one of mine. I thought he looked quite good in it. He was speaking English and I remembered all suits in the federal courts in Puerto Rico were conducted in English. His grammar and speech were quite good. I knew all the jurors had to be able to speak English and I thought it would help to polish me if I were to stand in front of a federal jury like that.

I thought ultimately the type of law we practiced in Puerto Rico would be able to be used in Europe when we finally went there to practice law.

As I thought over the matter, I remembered once when I had been in Mexico City, Mexico, and then imagined myself on a hill above Mexico City. It was night. I thought about the first time I had been here and had ridden a bus to a mountain close to Mexico City and had looked out over the city. How beautiful it was here. I had decided I wanted to stay up here rather than in the city below.

A road went around the mountain. Brush and trees blocked the view of the city except in certain places where one could stand and see the city below. I noticed one place where one could walk down over a bank beside the road to a fence, stand by the fence and look out over the city.

No houses or buildings were up here where one could stay. I had a pillow and a sleeping bag and I planned to simply spend the night on top of the mountain to be away from people for a little while.

As I thought about it, it was more as if I were watching a movie and the person on the hill was actually a woman rather than myself. The woman, who was in Puerto Rico, returned to the city below, began looking for her boyfriend and went to a house where she thought he was. Living in the house was a woman named Martha who resembled a woman I had recently seen on a Spanish show entitled "Veronica Rostro de Amor." She had long black hair, was quite thin and quite pretty.

I recalled in the show, the woman had been a conniving woman planning to marry a man and then divorce him a year later. She didn't tell the man her plans and I was unsure of her reasons.

The woman looking for her boyfriend began searching through the house and finally came to the toilet. She knocked on the door and said, "Martha?"

A voice from inside answered, "Yes."

The woman who was searching began to seem increasingly like Louise and the voice coming from the toilet sounded like my voice. The woman who seemed like Louise opened the door. Inside the toilet were Martha and a man who looked like me in a large old-fashioned bathtub. They were both nude and engaged in some kind of sexual act. The woman who looked like Louise walked into the toilet; at first I thought she was going to go into a rage and begin beating Martha and the man with a club. Instead, she closed the door behind her and began taking off her clothes. Apparently she was going to get in the bathtub with the other two and have sex with both.

Martha was completely nude except for a pair of stockings and a garter belt. Thinking of the three having sex together in the bathtub was rather erotic.

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