Dream of: 25 March 1984 "Registration"

I was in downtown Waco. I was going to have to take some kind of test the following day and I needed to use a car to reach the test site. Since I thought I might be able to use McNamara's (a female Waco attorney) car, I put a note on her car asking her if I could borrow it the following morning. I knew she would be eating at Witt's Restaurant that day, and I thought I would go there to ask her if I could use the car, after she had had a chance to read the note.

I walked past the restaurant and when I saw McNamara sitting inside, I turned around and walked through the door. A woman behind the counter said to me, "If you're not going to eat anything, you're going to have to fill out this little card."

The woman then produced a card which had my name on it from where I had once before been in the restaurant. I picked up the card, threw it back on the counter and said, "I'm absolutely not going to fill out this card right now. I'm just going to be in here for a minute to ask this woman something."

I walked away from the woman as she hollered, "No! No!" I walked over to McNamara, sat beside her and began talking with her. She began giving me some advice about the test I was going to have to take. She also began showing me a registration form which would be used the first day of the test. She said the first day of the test would be devoted only to registration. I began thinking if that were true, I might just need to turn in a registration form and perhaps I would not even have to go.

I had not been here long before a fellow dressed in a police uniform walked up and told me I was going to have to leave. He said I could not stay there unless I was going to drink something. I argued with him a bit until he tried to grab me. Finally I simply rose and started to leave, but the policeman then began trying to grab McNamara to make her leave. I intervened and said, "No, no. She was here before I came in. Don't bother her."

Although McNamara did not say anything, she look astounded by the whole affair. I thought she must wonder what exactly was going on.

As the policeman roughly escorted me to the door, he tried to intimidate and threaten me about coming in there. I said, "Look, don't threaten me. I'm a lawyer and I can take care of you."

He replied, "Well, I can take care of you, too. You better believe that."

I said, "Well, maybe we'll just see about that."

Smoke came out of his mouth from a cigarette he was smoking. I walked out the door, turned right and headed back toward the office. I continued thinking about how ridiculous it had been that the policeman had thrown me out. I thought, "I'll never go in that place again to eat."

I thought perhaps McNamara likewise would never go back to that restaurant again. It might even be good to start a boycott against the place so no one would eat there.

Finally I reached the place where I thought the office should be, but there was only an empty lot there. I thought, "Has the building just disappeared?"

But then I realized I had made a wrong turn when I had left the restaurant. I turned around and headed back toward the restaurant to get to the office.

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