Dream of: 24 March 1984 "Other Planets"

I was working at a law office in Portsmouth, Ohio. Three people from the office were supposed to go to a restaurant on Chillicothe Street. Since most people in the office had been working here for a year, we were going to have a ceremony and present some little awards. When we arrived in front of the restaurant, I noticed Stanford (a law professor) behind the glass of the restaurant.

Some schedules were posted here which showed the schedules of the salaries of people working in the law office. It appeared each person's salary was being raised to the next higher level. Karen Hick's (a Waco acquaintance) salary was right below mine in terms of the amount of money made. She would probably be increased to my old level and I would go up to some new level.

Beto (a former fellow law student) was also there. As everyone gathered around, someone said the ceremonies were about to begin. Someone motioned for Beto to come to the door and see Stanford. Apparently Beto was going to receive the first award. Beto walked over to the glass door where Stanford was and went inside. When Beto came back out, he was carrying a tray full of trophies. He had done quite well.

I knew Beto and I were the only lawyers here. No one else was a lawyer yet. Jon was also there.

A professor carrying a tray came outside, but the trophies on his tray were rather small. He made some motions to me indicating I would receive the next award, which was for second place. But someone else stepped up and was given a small trophy. The professor then reached out his hand to me and we firmly shook hands. He handed me some small objects, one of which appeared to be a candle- or incense-holder. I looked on the bottom of it and saw some writing. I looked at it and thought the writing indicated we were all going to receive a pay raise. That interested me more than anything to determine what kind of raise I would be receiving. But I couldn't read the writing well.

I was also given a letter opener which had a penny embedded in its metal handle. I had been thinking of getting a letter opener and I thought that was something I needed. I was also given a bowl which appeared to have some whipped cream in it and also a plate of cookies. I sat down and held the cookies on my lap. I noticed various kinds of cookies scattered around on different plates. I saw a tray of green cookies. My cookies were tiny round ones and were whitish pale. I offered them to someone, but no one seemed interested. I began eating some of the cream by itself. It tasted rather buttery and was rather thick in the center. But around the edges it was more creamy. I began dipping the delicious cookies into the cream and eating them.

The professor also gave me a paper which I began reading and I discovered the paper had about a dozen questions which had been on my bar exam. The questions dealt with space travel and life on other planets. My answers to the questions were also written on the paper and I began reading them. The answers said things like, "Are you sure that there's life on other planets?"

The paper also had a computer printout which indicated that I had lied about two questions dealing with personal matters on the bar exam. I began thinking that it appeared that things like that were going to follow me all my life.

I was happy to have received the award, since it indicated the work I was doing was appreciated.

Someone mentioned a woman named Cindy (a former fellow law student). Apparently she had been working with us, but had gone to another law firm. The other firm was also having its awards ceremonies today. Someone said it was best that Cindy wasn't in the same building with us.

Jon then received his reward, which wasn't very big because he hadn't been with the law firm that long. But he seemed satisfied with what he had received.

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