Dream of: 02 March 1984 "Elevator Crash"

While I was sitting in the Waco Law Office, two long-haired, scraggly-looking fellows walked in. One asked me if I wanted to buy some marijuana. He said that he and his friend were going to buy $150 worth and that they needed someone else to contribute some money.

Referring to the office I asked, "You mean you're going to bring pot up here?"

He replied, "Yeah."

I asked, "Aren't you worried about getting caught?"

The smaller of the two answered, "No. We work for the police, too."

Apparently they were undercover agents. I had thought they were just con men. The bigger of the two, as if he knew I was thinking they were con men, said, "Well, he can probably think of something better than that to call us."

They perturbed me. I was sick of drugs and the whole idea of drugs. Suddenly I jumped up, grabbed the big guy, turned him around, and said, "OK. Go right into the next room."

I shoved him into my secretary's office where about 20-25 people were gathered. I told the people inside I might need some help with the other guy. I said that the two fellows had been trying to sell me some drugs, and that I was going to take them down the hall to the police.

After someone else grabbed the other guy, we started pushing them down the hall. I said to the other fellow who was helping me, "Look, I'm not really that interested in having them busted for pot. If they've got anything, I'd just as soon they'd take it in the bathroom and dump it. "

Basically I was only interested in teaching them a lesson not to come up there so blatantly. About half way down the hall, I saw another rough-looking character walking toward us with a gun in his hand. I thought he was going to shoot me. He immediately demanded we release the two men. We did so and all three quickly jumped onto the elevator.

Suddenly another guy ran up to help us. He shot at the elevator with a machine gun, but the doors had already closed. Nevertheless he continued shooting at the elevator door until he had shot a hole through it. I thought he was trying to shoot the people inside, but he said, "That should have taken care of the rope."

I heard a noise and realized he had shot the rope in two that held up the elevator. The noise I heard was the sound of the elevator quickly falling. I jumped back from the doors because I didn't know what would happen when the elevator finally hit the bottom. Suddenly I heard a terrible crash. The elevator doors seemed to shake and I envisioned red flames. I thought all three men inside the elevator had obviously been killed. I was worried someone else below might have also been injured by the impact.

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