Dream of: 28 February 1984 (2) "Space Travel"

My brother Chris and I were sitting in the living room of an apartment where we both were living. I noticed a wild squirrel running about the room. Apparently it had been living in the walls of the house for some time. Gradually it had become more and more audacious and had finally entered the living room.

I didn't like its being here in the house and I wanted to get rid of it. He ran over and sat next to Chris. I told Chris to be careful because it might bite him. I knew the little devil had sharp teeth. I thought about throwing something at it.

But I then noticed a woman had entered the room. She was tall, slender and probably my age or younger. She was black and had black hair.

She and I were left alone in the room and I immediately realized she wasn't from Earth. I began trying to communicate with her but she couldn't speak.

At first I wasn't attracted to her; but the longer she stayed, the more attracted I became. Finally we lay down next to each other on the couch and I began running my hands over her body. I pulled her dress up, stuck my hand inside her panty hose and felt her pubic hairs.

She didn't stop me. But I could tell she wasn't excited because there was no moisture in her pubic region. She was quite dry. I likewise wasn't sexually aroused. I was simply exploring.

I realized I should try to teach her English. I said, "English" to her. She responded, "English."

I referred to myself and said, "Boy."

She answered, "Boy."

I said more words and she repeated them after me. I could tell she was going to be a phenomenally fast learner. Nevertheless it would still require quite a bit of time. As I thought about it, I more or less decided to adopt her and make her my spouse. I wondered what people, especially my family, would think when they saw me with a black woman.

After we had lain side by side a while, I told her to roll over on her back. She did so and spread her legs apart. I then lay on top of her. The more I looked at her the more beautiful she appeared. I saw many attractive features in her face and body.

Her skin also seemed to be becoming increasingly lighter. She hadn't been very dark to begin with. Now she gradually took on more and more Caucasian features. Finally I could hardly tell she had any Negro blood in her at all.

We rose and time passed. I continued teaching her English and she was learning to cook. I didn't think cooking was really something she needed to learn. I thought cooking was rather menial and I could tell she was capable of much more. But she had enrolled in some kind of 60 day cooking course. I thought, "Well, if it's just for 60 days she could learn something about food and cooking. And then we could go into another subject."

I had also begun buying magazines about space and space travel. Quite a few of the magazines were sitting on a rack in the room. On the cover of one was a picture of a space ship that reminded me of Star Wars.

I had come to the conclusion the woman had possibly formerly been living on a space ship before she came to Earth. So I had decided to read as much as I could on the subject even though I realized most of the articles in the magazines were pure fiction and unreliable. I thought nevertheless they might give me some ideas of where she had come from. But I still hadn't been able to find an answer to that question.

We continued living together and one day I went to work. We were living in a large city. As I walked home from work that day I saw crowds of hundreds and hundreds of people in the streets.

As I continued on my way I realized a car was following me. I thought whoever was in the car was probably trying to learn more about the woman. I turned a corner and as soon as I did I ran down the street and into a crowd. I continued walking and knew I had lost the people following me.

I was carrying a slender, metal rod about a meter long in my hand. I thought I might need it to fend someone off if I were attacked.

As I walked down one street I noticed a fence along the sidewalk. A roof had been built over top the sidewalk. Apparently construction was going on there and the roof was to protect the pedestrians. The people in front of me cleared away. But I was still astonished at the number of people who were in the crowds to my left.

I remembered I had recently broken one of the lenses to my eyeglasses and I thought I needed to go somewhere and get a new pair. I walked into what looked like a small warehouse. In the back was a window with a man standing behind it. I told him I needed some eyeglasses. He immediately went to work and soon had two new lenses for me.

He asked me for my frames. I had originally thought he was going to charge me for new frames. But I pulled out my old frames, which now only had one lens in them, and handed them to him. He took them and began trying to put the new lenses in them.

Meanwhile another man began walking around in the room where I was. The man working on my glasses made some comments about the man walking around which made me not like the man walking around.

Finally the man working on my glasses said, "I can't get them in here. I've got them in there but I'm afraid they're not going to stay."

The man who had been walking around was apparently the other man's boss. The boss walked up and said, "Well go ahead and try it anyway."

So the man continued working on the glasses. Finally he put them into what appeared to be a potato chip bag and handed them to me.

The boss dropped something on the floor. Another man was cleaning up the floor and the boss said to him, "Hey. You missed something here."

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