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Dream of: 28 February 1984 "Drowning Man"

I had gone to a large lake where I was planning to swim. Wearing swimming trunks, I walked along the edge of the lake. A girl was sitting on the bank near the water.

Bulrushes were growing in the water along the bank. Thinking I could jump over the bulrushes, I took a running leap, jumped over the bulrushes and dived into the water. I softly floated and swam in the shallow water, avoiding some tree stumps in the water.

I wasn't really putting any effort into my motions. I was gliding more than swimming over the water and was moving rather rapidly. I was actually trying to impress the girl who was sitting on the bank; I liked her looks.

Other people were swimming in the lake and I interwove amongst them. As I passed one person he suddenly cried out "help" and went under the water so that only his hand was left sticking up. Afraid that if I tried to help him he would pull me under, I thought of continuing past. But instead I reached out my hand, grabbed his arm and began pulling him. He was obviously in serious trouble and he couldn't seem to swim.

I pulled him until I was able to put my arm under his neck. I began pulling him back toward the bank where I had jumped in. He seemed to have enough control of himself to hold his head above water.

We finally reached the bank and I pulled him up on the shore. He stood up. I asked him if he knew how to get back to the other side and he said he did. The girl walked over and stood next to him. How pretty she was! But she had apparently recently had a pimple on her left cheek which had left a large hole on her cheek. She had also had a pimple on her right cheek, but it had cleared up.

The mark made me think of how Louise had a small pox mark on her temple next to her left eye.

The fellow began expressing his gratitude to me. I said, "Well, at first I wasn't going to help you. I was just going to pass you by and not even think about it."

He was a rather unattractive-looking character. He and the girl looked at each other and apparently they knew each other. Finally the girl looked at me. I couldn't tell for sure, but I thought she liked me. I was very attracted to her. She was my height. She had a shapely figure and long brown hair. She looked quite young, probably my age or younger. But I wasn't really concerned about her age.

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