Dream of: 25 February 1984 "Uncertain Plot"

I was watching a movie at a theater. I didn't understand the plot, but I thought it had something to do with a contingency of German soldiers stationed in the United States during World War II, or vice-versa a contingency of American soldiers stationed in Germany during World War II. Most likely, Germans soldiers were stationed in the United States.

After the war had begun, the Germans apparently had been allowed to stay in a school in the United States. The school was similar to an embassy and the Americans weren't allowed to bother the Germans while they were there.

Part of the movie dealt with a loan being made to the Germans. I (I had been an actor in the movie) was representing the Germans in borrowing the money.

The person loaning us the money met Vaughn and me at the House in Patriot. He sat down and asked us whether we were sure we wanted to borrow the money. He handed me a paper outlining the loan, which was for three million and fifty thousand dollars. A thirty-five thousand dollar fee was to be paid initially for the making of the loan. Some other features of the loan were outlined in the paper. The lender asked me if we were going to take it and I replied, "Yea, but we want a commitment that will outline all the terms of the contract. Then we'll sign the commitment."

He said, "Well, we have a commitment."

Vaughn asked, "Well do you have the commitment with you?"

The lender replied, "It's on its way."

As the movie progressed and I continued in my role, I still didn't know what the plot was. I thought, "Somebody ought to stop and explain what the plot is."

I knew I couldn't stop the movie and ask what the plot was. I was hopping somewhere in the script it would be explained. I simply didn't understand it.

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