Dream of: 22 February 1984 (3) "Tres Mauvais"

George Musser (a Portsmouth acquaintance) and Ramo had come to visit me. We smoked some marijuana together and then I took them out into the country. I told them I was going to take them to a house I had built. We came to a small, dilapidated house, part of which was sitting on the bed of an old truck. I told them I had only built part of the house. I said I had lived in the house for two months.

We walked inside and I intended to show them the part of the house which I had built. The house was falling apart inside. We walked through two or three rooms where the plaster boards were falling off the ceilings and walls. Apparently it had recently rained and things were wet and in terrible shape inside.

I opened a closet door and found what appeared to be a bunch of linoleum crammed into the closet. The design on the linoleum appeared to be of blue sky and clouds.

Some chairs were sitting around inside. I found some boxes of puzzles I wanted to give to either George or Ramo.

Whenever I spoke to them I spoke in French. I said "Es tres mauvais. Es tres mauvais ici."

George began singing a religious song. I realized he had joined the church and had become religious. I became choked up and I began singing the religious song with him.

I wondered whether we should drink some beer later. But I thought it wouldn't be a good idea to drink beer with George since he had become religious.

I thought both he and Ramo were alcoholics, but I thought they had reformed somewhat and I didn't want to lead them back down the wrong path.

It seemed strange to me they would be here now. I knew the first time I had ever taken LSD I had been with George and Ramo. It seemed like such a long time ago.

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