Dream of: 21 February 1984 (2) "Escape On A Train"

After I ran into Weinstein at Portsmouth High School, he and I walked into an empty classroom. When a girl (about 3 years old) walked into the classroom behind us, I learned that she was going to be a tutor for Weinstein in some subject.

After the three of us sat down and began talking, Weinstein asked me if I would like to smoke some marijuana. I realized I had a small joint in my shirt pocket, but I wasn't sure where it had come from. I replied, "Oh no. I haven't smoked in a long time. I don't think so."

Weinstein pulled out a baggie of marijuana, rolled up a joint and began smoking. Both the little girl and I began smoking with him. We continued talking for a long time and Weinstein suggested we smoke another joint. Weinstein pulled out his baggie again, rolled up another joint and we lit it up.

I had just got the joint in my hand when I looked through a window in the classroom and saw a man getting ready to come into our room. I quickly stood, walked out into the hall with the joint in my hand, and discovered a large group of people standing in the hall. As I crushed the joint in my hand, I heard a fire alarm go off, and I thought perhaps I had set off a smoke alarm. I started walking toward the door.

I went through the door just as other people were streaming out of the building. When a man (about 25 years old) walked up to me and asked if I had been smoking inside, I said, "No."

When I kept walking, he followed me and he said that he had been listening with some microphones to what we had been saying in the room we had been in. Apparently he was some kind of school detective. When he continued following me, I remembered the joint I had in my shirt pocket. I stealthily pulled the joint from my pocket and began crumbling it in my hand. As I continued walking, I turned around, looked at the detective right in the face, and dropped the empty cigarette paper.

He failed to see it drop, so I started walking again. He continued following me and talking. Finally I again turned around to him and said, "Look, either do something about it or not. I don't want you following me around. I didn't do anything."

I then walked back into the building and went into a large auditorium. After I sat down, I saw the girl who had been smoking the marijuana with Weinstein and me earlier she was sitting farther down in front of me. But now she looked as if she were about nine years old.

I suddenly realized some kind of religious service was in progress. A man was on the stage talking. I realized he was talking about smoking. He said they had ways of detecting people who had been smoking. That bothered me because I was afraid they might have some way of detecting I had been smoking.

The service continued and close to the end I realized someone there was going to use dogs to detect if people had been smoking. The dogs apparently were going to sniff for smoke. Some men led in some dogs and began going up and down the aisles.

A black dog came over to the aisle where I was. When it walked up to me, it didn't do anything in particular except sniff me. Then it sniffed around some people standing close to me. Every time the dog began sniffing someone in particular, someone would come and stand next to the person being sniffed. When the dog sniffed me, someone came over and stood next to me.

The dog then ran quickly up and down the aisles. When the dog finally went down to where the girl was sitting, I suddenly realized the men conducting the search were going to use the girl. They were going to ask the girl if she had been smoking and with whom she had been smoking. I feared she had been so affected by the service that she would tell them that she had been smoking with Weinstein and me.

When some men walked over to the girl and began talking with her, I looked at the fellow standing next to me and said, "There's nothing to keep us from leaving right now if we want to is there?"

He replied, "No, you can leave."

The minister then began talking with the girl and while the people's attention was focused on the girl I headed for the exit. As I did, I heard several people saying, "Uh huh. Unh huh."

By the sound of their voices, I knew they were signaling that I looked guilty because I was leaving. It looked as if I were afraid of what the girl might say. Nevertheless, I walked out into the hall. I thought someone probably would follow me, so as soon as I was in the hall, I began running down one corridor and then down several more corridors. I saw some stairs leading down to exits and other stairs leading up. I thought, "Well I'll throw them off. I'll go up this up stairs cause they'll be expecting me to try to get out. And I'll hide up there."

After I ran up the stairs, I found an unexpected exit and I ran outside. I still thought someone was chasing me. As I watched a train pass by on a nearby train track, I thought I would try to hop on the train and I went running down the tracks. The last car of the train was right in front of me. I thought if I could only reach it and hold on to it I would be able to escape.

Suddenly, however, I realized something was very strange about what was going on. I half realized I was dreaming. It therefore didn't matter whether I escaped. I began thinking how interesting it was that I was running after the train. I thought, "Well maybe if the train came the other way I could just jump on to it as it was going past and they wouldn't be able to catch me. I'd go right past them."

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