Dream of: 19 February 1984 "Crossing Israel"

I was riding in a car driven by my father. We were leaving the Gallia County Farm, headed east, chasing a car and (in front of the car) a truck. The occupants of the truck and car had stolen some things from my grandparents.

My father had a pistol and I had what appeared to be a shotgun or rifle. As I leaned out the window and pointed the rifle at the vehicles, my father suddenly sped up and pulled up along side the car. I pointed the rifle at the driver and he slowed down. We passed the car, and I pointed the rifle at the people in the truck.

The people in the truck saw the rifle and swerved, and we swerved in beside them. I continued pointing the rifle, but I didn't shoot. Suddenly both the truck and the car ran off the road. Some other cars which had been behind us also piled up all around us.

Two young fellows (one was black) jumped from the car we had been chasing. As they approached our car, they brandished knives and threatened us. But when my father and I pointed our guns at them, they handed their knives over to us. We made them get into our car. We didn't approach the people in the truck because we were afraid they might have guns.

I realized the people in the cars which had piled up behind us were accomplices of the people we had been chasing. They had blocked us in. I jumped out of our car and pushed one of the cars out of the way. Another car driven by a woman pulled in front of our car. I grabbed one of the knives I had taken from the two men and I ran toward the woman. I told her to move her car; but she refused. I pressed the knife against her neck and threatened to cut her. Finally she acquiesced and moved out of the way.

I jumped back into our car and we drove off with our two prisoners. As we rode along I pulled out a map; we were actually very close to Israel. We continued on until we reached the Israeli border, where we left our prisoners. We continued across Israel until we reached another country. We explained to some authorities in the other country that the people who had stolen something were waiting back on the Israeli border where we had left them.

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