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Dream of: 18 February 1984 "Merging Streams"

I was standing on the large hill in back of the Gallia County Farmhouse thinking about how I had once tried to describe to someone how water when it flows off a hill will begin flowing in small streams and how the small streams will merge together into a large stream as it reaches the bottom of the hill. I began imagining in my mind how the small streams would come together and finally gush into one stream of water.

I then realized I didn't have to prove such a thing to myself because I had actually seen it happen right there on that hill during a heavy rain.

I climbed farther up the hill until I reached the top. I found a house there and walked inside. I turned the inside lights on and also turned on the porch light. Then I walked back outside and headed back down the hill.

When I reached the bottom of the hill I ran into a sandy area. The sand had accumulated here due to the type of action I had earlier been thinking of when water runs off a hill. I picked some of the sand up and it felt good. I squeezed it into a ball and threw it toward the bottom of the hill where my step-grandfather had a gas tank. But my throw fell short of the gas tank.

I looked back up the hill and realized I had left the lights in the house on. I thought, "Well, I can turn the porch lights off from my grandparents' house over there. But I'll have to go back up there to turn the house off inside."

I could see a light burning inside through the window and thought, "I can't leave that light on because there's no way to turn it off from down here."

I began climbing back up the hill.

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