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Dream of: 17 February 1984 (2) "Having An Advantage"

My friend Jon and I were walking around together on the campus of Baylor University; we came to a place where some display counters had been set up. On the counters had been placed various items which had been lost and found. People were gathered around the counters to claim things which they had lost.

I looked through some of the stuff piled on the counters and saw some keys lying among the items. Looking further I found several whole sets of keys. I had recently decided I wanted to start collecting keys and I particularly wanted to collect a whole series of a particular type of keys. When I saw the sets of keys lying on the counter I decided I was going to take them even though they didn't belong to me and it was obvious someone had lost them. I picked up several of the sets of keys and took them.

Some people behind the counters who were responsible for the distribution of the lost items were talking. One man talked about how they were going to take a young girl to court who had done something wrong, but apparently she hadn't appeared when she was supposed to. They talked about what a good case they had. I could tell by the way the man was talking he wasn't a lawyer. I thought how much of an advantage my being a lawyer gave me in understanding things like that.

As I looked further, I saw a nice-looking knife which impressed me. The knife had a leather case with it and was the kind one would carry in one's belt. It was about fifteen centimeters long, thin and elegant. I decided I was likewise going to take it. Jon knew I was going to take the knife and I could tell he was unhappy about my intention to take it since it didn't belong to me. I thought, "Well, it's just here; anybody could take it."

After reflecting longer I decided not to take it. I left it there and we continued walking on. We came upon several fellows wearing leather jackets and sitting on a table. They suddenly began wrestling with each other and fell off the table. At first I thought they were only playing; but then they began swinging fists at each other and I realized they were seriously fighting. They began furiously pounding each other. Several other people also looked on as one fellow was thrown to the ground and beaten badly in the face.

Another nearby group then also began fighting. Suddenly I heard someone cry out, "They've got me! They've got me! Tell them what they want to know!"

A man (about 40 years old) walked up and began ferociously pounding one fellow in the face with his fist. He hit the fellow so hard I was afraid he would break his nose.

It appeared to me one fellow in the second group knew something which he refused to tell, so his friend was being beaten in an effort to persuade him to tell. I couldn't tell exactly what was going on. I thought perhaps I should do something before someone was seriously injured, but I decided I had better not barge in.

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