Dream of: 17 February 1984 "Control"

Louise and I were driving along in a car and pulled into a little grocery store to pick up a newspaper. After we had walked inside, I picked up two newspapers and Louise picked up one. While she left the store and headed toward the car with her newspaper, I walked to the counter and paid 50 cents, a quarter for each of the two newspapers which I had. The people in the store spoke Spanish and I said something to them in Spanish as I gave them the two quarters.

I returned to the car and when I got in, I realized Louise hadn't paid for her newspaper. I didn't want to return and pay for it and just wanted to try to sneak away without paying for it. But Louise insisted I return and pay for it.

I returned to the store and said, "Aqui es el dinero porque tomamos un otro diario sin pagar para el."

I gave the man behind the counter the money for the paper and he said, "Thanks."

I returned to the car and we drove off.

Louise and I had been talking about controlling things with our minds and we began talking about controlling the car with our minds as I drove along. As I approached a curve and started around it, Louise suddenly grabbed the steering wheel so I couldn't turn it. I told her to let go so I could steer around the curve and she replied, "Well, you've been talking about controlling things with your mind. Can't you just do it with your mind and not your hands?"

I replied, "No. That's ridiculous. I have to use my hands."

She let go and I turned the corner. Louise said, "Would you be interested in doing that?"

I responded, "Yes but we have to work on the little things first."

I thought it would be possible for us to work together and begin controlling things with our minds, but we needed to begin with small things. I was considering perhaps putting something like some marbles on a table and making them move with our minds.

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