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Dream of: 15 February 1984 "Cliff Barnes"

Louise was living in a large, luxurious, old house and I was living in an adjoining apartment. Being able to communicate with her through a little window between our habitations, I learned she intended to invite Sherwood (a former law student) to her house that evening to visit her; I became quite upset about it.

I stood up, went over to her house and barged right in. Louise was there and she tried to stop me, but I went into the room where a man was sitting at a table. He didn't look like Sherwood, but rather like Cliff Barnes (a character played by Ken Kercheval in the television series "Dallas"). A second man was also sitting in the room.

I proceeded to jerk the man up from the table and demanded, "Did you ask anybody if you were welcome here?"

"No," he replied.

I said, "Well it's time for you to leave then."

We began walking toward the door and suddenly he began trying to resist. I immediately turned toward him and began slugging him with my fists. I hit him again and again. My punches were connecting well and I hit him several times with both my right and left fists. He tried to hit me a few times, but I successfully blocked his punches. My battering was turning him into a mess. Finally he asked me to stop and said he would go peacefully.

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