Dream of: 14 February 1984 "Like Running Children"

I found myself in Europe in what appeared to be a lighted subway tunnel; I was surprised and happy to see Louise here. I hadn't seen her in a long time. She was wearing a dress and a beige coat. I walked up to her, put my arms around her and pulled her close to me. She said, "You don't care about me. You didn't come looking for me."

I answered, "Yes I do. It's just that sometimes I don't like the way you are."

I pulled her close to me and kissed her. I squeezed her and I wouldn't let her go. I could tell she liked it. We decided to spend the night together (although not actually sleep together) and began running along the tunnel in the direction of the place where we would stay. I had an apartment in the opposite direction from where we were going and thought about asking her back there, but thought, "No, there's too much of a chance we would sleep together."

I definitely didn't want to sleep with her.

As we ran along I saw what appeared to be a little foreign coffee shop over to the side and said, "There's all kinds of places we haven't explored we could explore together."

As we ran I saw a girl wearing a moron sweater and a very short dress standing at the top of some steps to our left. I glanced back to see if I could see up her dress. When Louise looked at me askance, I wondered if she had seen me and felt guilty about it.

We continued along, came to a small creek with pure-looking water and ran through it. We came to some descending steps which were in two different sections of two steps each and I cried out, "Jump all the way!"

We jumped down the first two steps and then down the second two. We seemed like children running along. Finally we stopped and, realizing Louise was now wearing blue jeans and no longer had on a coat, I asked, "Where's your coat?"

I then noticed she was carrying a large back pack. She took it off and began searching in it for her coat. A couple coins fell from the back pack. I picked one up and she picked up the other one. She continued looking in the back pack for her coat.

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