Dream of: 13 February 1984 "Bank Loan"

I was talking with Keith Gilbert (a Waco acquaintance). He began telling me he had been using a certain white powdery drug. It wasn't cocaine, but a certain type of drug not many people knew about. He was obviously addicted to it. He had used it 400 times within the past year which averaged out to more than once a day.

He showed me some plastic containers which had some of the drug caked on them. I touched the powder with my finger and then put my finger to my mouth. It was extremely bitter. I spat it out as quickly as I could.

I then went with Keith to his home. Once inside he left me alone in the living room. I began looking at some papers and saw a letter he had received from a bank. It said the bank would be happy to lend him some money. But first the bank wanted to see some evidence of Keith's plans for the future. The letter indicated the loan wouldn't be granted until such evidence was supplied.

Keith returned to the room. I handed him the letter and said, "Well, it doesn't look like you're going to get your loan."

He looked at me and said, "I'm in big trouble."

Keith had already borrowed much money to supply his habit. He was down to the point where he couldn't borrow any more. He was heavily in debt and he didn't know how he would pay his bills. I knew he was thinking of asking me for money because he was going to be absolutely desperate for money with which to buy his drugs now.

I also knew Keith was planning to marry someone and I wondered whether I should tell his fiancée he was addicted to the drug. I thought, "Yes, I'm definitely going to have to tell her."

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