Dream of: 02 February 1984 (3) "Painting A Corner"

It was early morning and I had just arrived at the Waco Law Office. I sat down and a man walked in. His name was Dudley Moore. He was an architect and worked in the same building as me. He had curly blond hair, was thin and was wearing a sports jacket. I had met him once before when he had come in and asked me to do some things for him. He had asked me to go to one of Vaughn's properties and do some work there. He asked me if I had done it and I told him I hadn't had time. I said, "But I can go with you right now if you want to go."

He didn't seem upset because I had procrastinated and I hadn't done everything already. But since he clearly wanted to take care of the matter, we decided to go and we left.

We arrived at a large building which seemed to be a warehouse and went inside. Vaughn was standing in the building. He was wearing a red, checkered shirt unbuttoned at the top. I wondered if he knew I was working. He watched what I was doing and he didn't say anything.

Dudley then began showing me what appeared to be small generators in the corners of the building. He showed me how to turn them on by flipping switches. I realized he had shown me everything before, but I had forgotten how to do it. If he hadn't been with me I wouldn't have know what to do. I wasn't really sure what we were doing. I was only being shown the procedure in order to accomplish it.

He then took me over to an indentation in one wall and showed me another generator. He told me I also had to turn that one on. He himself began working on it, but he had a difficult time getting it started. This generator was more complicated than the ones in the corners had been. He had to hook some wires to the generator rather than merely flipping a switch. He then had to set something on top of some record albums which were lying there on a little shelf. When it was finally running I saw it projected a light on one corner. My job was to paint that corner.

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