Dream of: 02 February 1984 (2) "A Park In England"

As I was sitting in a park somewhere in England, I began talking with a girl. She told me she and her boyfriend had done some digging in the park and had discovered a 200 year-old piece of gold. She said that they did things like that frequently and that she had been quite lucky with her finds. But she told me the authorities had become very upset when they had discovered she had been digging here. Apparently she did her digging without the use of a metal detector.

I began thinking I would like to do some digging myself. The place seemed so old and it was difficult to tell what might be buried here. I had a little spade with me and I began walking around the park with it. Finally I walked up a little knoll and sat down under some trees. I wanted a secluded spot where I wouldn't have to worry about the authorities. I began poking my spade into the ground and pulling out spadefulls of dirt. I looked through the dirt, but I didn't see anything.

I moved over to another spot and sat down. I was ready to begin digging again when I noticed other people had sat down around me. A fellow and a girl were sitting in front of me, a girl was sitting to my right, another girl was to my left and another girl was sitting nearby. All the girls were attractive and I thought I might like to talk with one.

Suddenly I heard some music. I looked down at the fellow sitting below me and saw he was playing the harmonica. I wished I had brought my flute to play along.

I looked at one of the girls. She was a brunette. I thought perhaps I would follow her when she left to see where she lived. There was no law against that. I thought how nice it would be if I lived in the same house with her. If I lived in the room beneath her I could poke a little hole in the ceiling of my room. Or if I lived next door I could poke a hole through the wall. I had seen advertisements before where a little device could be obtained whereby one could see into the room of another. Then perhaps I could watch her undress. I might even take pictures of her. If I lived across the hall from her perhaps I could build a device with a tube and mirrors so I could look through the window over her door.

I thought if I took pictures of her I could present them to her and see what she would say. Of course I would have had to have already taken down my device so she wouldn't know what had happened.

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