Dream of: 02 February 1984 "Green Hornet"

I was living in one apartment while my mother and my brother Chris were living in the apartment next to mine. I walked into their apartment and found them both sleeping on the floor. It looked as if other people were also there sleeping on the floor.

I thought perhaps I would pick up Chris and carry him over to my apartment, even thought doing so would be rather difficult since he was so heavy. As I walked around the apartment, I managed to trip over Chris. At first I thought I had awakened him, but then I realized I hadn't.

A television sitting in the room was turned on and a program about the Green Hornet came on. A picture of a large cactus plant in the desert appeared on the screen. The cactus plant was apparently the logo of the Green Hornet. Suddenly the cactus plant shot straight up into the air like a green spaceship flying through the air.

The camera began showing the interior of the spaceship, which was being driven by the Green Hornet's servant. The Green Hornet was sitting in the spaceship wearing a trench coat. He was talking about a meeting he was going to attend where he would discuss a "new order of things and new themes in the world" with some people. He added jokingly, "And yes, even a new tax order."

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