Dream of: 31 January 1984 "Little Chain Saw Blades"

My father and I had moved into a house with my great-uncle Ray and his three children: my second cousin Jeff, my second cousin Keith and my second cousin Brenda. It was around 1 a.m. and I was alone in the house.

I walked into Jeff's room and looked around. I knew Jeff used to collect Playboy magazines and I thought I would like to peruse his collection. After unsuccessfully searching the room, I thought, "Well, I know they're here somewhere. All I have to do is look for them and I'll be able to find them."

Instead of continuing to look, however, I walked into the adjoining room which was to become my room. A couch which pulled out into a bed was in the room. I pulled it out, lay down a while, rose and put it back up.

Meanwhile Jeff, Keith, and Brenda returned. Jeff went into his room, while Brenda (who seemed rather petulant) retreated to her room without saying much.

I walked to the kitchen carrying a small baggie of about 15 grams of marijuana. I sat down at the table and began cleaning the seeds and stems from the marijuana leaves. I crushed it so the seeds would fall out. I thought I would have to get up and go to work the next morning, so I knew it was too late to be smoking, but I didn't really care. Keith entered the room, saw me and said, "That must be marijuana."

"Yea," I answered.

I asked him if he smoked and he said he did. I rolled a joint. After finishing, I looked at the joint and saw about half the marijuana had fallen out of it.

I knew my uncle Ray and my father would soon be home and I didn't want to smoke where they could smell it. Nevertheless I handed the joint to Keith and he lit it up. The smoke began drifting into the air and I said, "Well no. Shouldn't we go outside?"

"Yea," he answered.

We walked outside and as we proceeded I told Keith I hadn't yet tried the marijuana and I didn't know how good it was. I took a hit from the joint and said, "Oh it's definitely not as good as some I had the other night which was great. But this will be OK."

I took another hit and looked around. We were out in the country. A little lane stretched from the house out to the road. Suddenly I thought I saw some lights approaching the house on the lane. Keith didn't see the lights at first but when he did he cried, "Oh yea! It's our parents!"

He ran back inside the house as quickly as he could. I extinguished the joint and carried it into the house as I ran after him. By the time I was inside the house, Keith had turned off all the lights. I quickly grabbed the baggie of marijuana in the kitchen, ran into my room and turned off the light. I picked up a banana, lay down on the couch and began peeling it. I also picked up a coat lying on the floor, pulled it over me and continued peeling the banana under the coat. Suddenly I heard my father call, "Steve, come out here."

I walked back into the kitchen where I found Keith and Jeff standing in front of my father and my uncle Ray. My father was obviously extremely angry and he wanted to know what the odor in the room was. We told him we didn't know. Suddenly my father pulled out a chain saw (about two meters long) and started it up. He looked at the three of us and demanded, "Well are you going to tell me? Or am I going to have to start cutting your necks with this chain saw?"

I screamed, "Why don't you bring out Brenda? She's the worst of the bunch."

My father and Ray disagreed -- they didn't think Brenda would have anything to do with that kind of activity. Indeed, I was only trying to get her involved even though I knew she was innocent.

As we worked our way out to the porch, I became terribly frightened. I ran off the porch in an attempt to escape. When my father motioned to Ray and said something, I looked up and saw what appeared to be fans descending from some trees. But their blades looked like little chain saw blades. I realized my father and Ray had arranged them that way.

I ran over to a steep bank and saw a road down below me and a metal box sitting near the road. I decided to jump and -- although it was a long jump -- I thought I might be able to land on the box. I leaped, landed safely (even though I was short of the box) and ran into the road. It was so dark, I thought I could probably hide among some trees farther down the road. I looked back -- my father was racing toward me. It looked as if he were going to catch me.

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