Dream of: 29 January 1984 "Marathon Race"

I was among a large group of contenders in a 26 mile marathon race. Another fellow and I were running neck and neck for the lead. We alternately traded the lead several times.

As I ran, my stomach would begin hurting or my legs would become weak and I would drop behind. I would recover and spurt back into the lead. It happened several times.

Hurley was also in the race. He stepped in my way several times and sometimes he grabbed me and held me back.

We were running around a course and periodically returned to a place where a desk had been set up. A lady was sitting behind the desk. The first time we reached the desk, Hurley grabbed me. I stopped, addressed the woman and said, "I want him disqualified because he keeps grabbing me and stopping me."

I ran on and heard the woman say to Hurley, "This is no game. If you grab hold of him like that we're going to disqualify you."

I had lost my lead. Several people were ahead of me and I tried to catch them.

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