Dream of: 28 January 1984 "A Profound Idea"

Louise came to see me in a place where I was living. Because we had separated, she hadn't seen me in a long time. We sat on the couch together and she told me she needed some money. I had quite a bit of money and began counting it out. I rose, walked over to a table and finished counting it. I gave her some of it and still had some left over for myself. I asked her if she would need any more and she answered, "No."

On the television was a movie about a riverboat traveling form Houston to Dallas. It was an old movie and quite interesting to watch. The plot concerned the action on the riverboat. I thought about how much Louise liked Dallas. I knew I would soon be going to France and wanted her to go with me.

I thought she would leave soon, but she became friendlier. Finally I stood, walked back over to the couch and sat beside her. I hugged her and began kissing her on the lips. I thought it was possible she might go to France with me. She put her arms around me and wrapped one of her legs around mine. I asked, "Do you need more money?"

"No," she replied.

As I continued kissing her she said, "It was such a profound idea why I need you."

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