Dream of: 27 January 1984 (2) "Zu Europa"

Jon had invited two girls to visit him and me in an upstairs, garage-type apartment in which we were both living. I didn't know what to expect, but I didn't think the girls would amount to much. One girl was to be for me and the other for Jon.

The door to the apartment was in the kitchen and opened unto a flight of stairs. The girls showed up at that door and walked into the kitchen. I couldn't see what they looked like at first. Then I saw one girl was thin and had short, curly, blonde hair. The other girl had black hair, was wearing a black jacket and was almost as tall as I. She seemed quite forceful. Both girls were attractive.

Jon had met the blonde at a bar one night. The black-haired girl had been with her before and was simply accompanying her now.

I reached my hand to the black-haired girl to shake. She grabbed it and squeezed it forcefully before I could actually grip hers. I said, "What a handshake."

When I shook hands with the blonde, I managed to grip her hand more forcefully.

The four of us sat at the kitchen table and began talking. The black-haired girl sat to my left. It was quickly apparent that she was going to be my date and that the blonde was going to be Jon's date. We talked about different things and Jon and his girlfriend began drinking a beer. After we talked a long time the black-haired girl said she would like a beer. I thought I might as well have one also. Even though I didn't really want to drink anything alcoholic I thought, "Well, this will kind of ease my tension a little bit."

I rose, walked to the refrigerator and looked inside. I saw many bottles of root beer there and asked Jon where he had obtained so much root beer. He said he just had it around.

I found a beer and gave it to the black-haired girl, but I didn't take one for myself. I sat back down and we continued talking. I could tell the blonde liked Jon. I was becoming increasingly attracted to the black-haired girl, but I didn't know quite what to talk about. Jon rose and began walking around the room. The blonde rose and walked to him. She drew closer and closer to him and obviously liked him. Suddenly I said, "Wenn ich zu Europa gehe ...."

I stopped before completing the sentence because I realized I should have said "fahre" instead of "gehe." I had spoken German to determine if anyone here spoke any languages other than English, but no one paid any attention to what I had said. Apparently no one had understood me.

I began to realize that although the girls were intelligent, they weren't well-cultured. When I saw they didn't speak any languages, I knew I wouldn't be permanently interested in them.

Nevertheless I was still attracted to the black-haired girl. She was sexually attractive and I thought about kissing her, but I began to wonder if someone could catch herpes merely by kissing someone. The idea bothered me.

I rose, found a beer for myself and began drinking it. A friend of Jon's came to the door. He walked in, stayed a few minutes and left.

One girl mentioned playing some music. I said we would love to play some music if we only had a stereo. They said they knew where one was on sale that week. I said, "Well, Jon, why don't you go and buy it? You've got the money."

I knew Jon had the money, but he, like I, was saving his money and he didn't want to spend it on a stereo.

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