Dream of: 27 January 1984 "French Novels"

Louise and I were shopping in a grocery store. We went to the counter and when I began putting the groceries into a box Louise had brought with her, I noticed three tiny books in the bottom of the box. I picked them up, looked at them and saw they were all written in French. The title of one was A Gross of Two Cities. I knew the word "gross" meant "big" in German, but thought it meant "tale" in French. I therefore thought the book was A Tale of Two Cities.

I saw some larger books in the box which likewise were written in French and wondered where Louise had found them. I asked her and she said she had picked them up at a bookstore in Dallas. I was elated because I had wanted to read some French novels and those were exactly what I wanted.

I realized Louise must be interested in learning French. She hadn't bought the books for me and must have bought them for herself. She must have had at least some interest in the language.

We bought the groceries and I carried them out to Louise's car. I stood beside her car and looked at her without intending to board. We hadn't seen each other for about a week. I saw how pretty her face was; but she looked stern. I slightly smiled and saw her reciprocate. I thought if I would smile completely she would also. My face brightened into a broad smile and I watched as a large beautiful smile appeared on her face. I could tell she still cared about me.

I boarded her car with her and we headed toward her house. When we arrived she went in first and I waited a short while. Then I walked in.

Louise and her mother Vivian were sitting at a table eating. Vivian seemed surprised to see me walk in. I sat down on the couch and said something to Louise. She responded. I began reading one of the French novels. Vivian seemed resigned to the inevitability of my return.

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