Dream of: 26 January 1984 "Afraid Of Commitment"

I was sitting near my green 1973 Mercury Comet in front of the House in Patriot waiting for Louise. She walked up and said she was going to use my car; before I could react, she jumped into the car and drove off. Since I knew I was going to need the car, I jumped up, chased her and tried to stop her, but she drove on.

I waited a few minutes, walked inside the House and entered a bedroom which contained several beds with people in them. I lay down on one bed and tried to go to sleep. Finally I sat up, rose from the bed and walked outside, where I stood a while. I was unsure, but thought Louise might return. Finally I noticed my car parked nearby and saw Louise walking toward the House. She was wearing a black dress slit up one side. When she walked, one leg was exposed almost to her thigh.

I was extremely angry with her, yet at the same time wanted to have sex with her. However, I didn't want to do so until we had settled the matter about how badly she was treating me.

I walked up to her, grabbed her and shook her. I asked her why she had left me like that when she knew we had had plans to be together that evening. She suddenly became furious and began screaming and thrashing at me. She screamed that she was leaving me and wasn't going to see me anymore because of the way I was acting.

I screamed back, "That's not the reason you're leaving! The reason you're leaving is because you're afraid of making a commitment!"

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