Dream of: 23 January 1984 "Fairy Truthful"

I was trying to collect $45 which an optometrist named Chernoff in Gallia County, Ohio had promised to pay me. When he refused to pay, I told several people I was going to board a Ferris wheel, start fasting and stay on the Ferris wheel fasting until I was paid.

I went to the Gallia County fairgrounds where a fair was in progress. I boarded the Ferris wheel and had it turned until I was sitting at the very top. I stayed up there and didn't eat anything until night. When night came, I was brought down from the top and I stepped from my seat. I slept until morning, then re-boarded the wheel and was moved to the top again.

I wondered what staying up here through the night would be like. It would be dangerous because I might fall asleep and fall out. I rocked my seat a little and became frightened. I was also becoming hungry.

The Ferris wheel gradually began turning and I returned to the bottom where some of my friends were waiting for me. They asked me if I were tired and I said, "No, but I'm very hungry."

I rose from my seat and accompanied them to a room in a nearby building. Someone handed me a biscuit and I ate it without even considering what I was doing -- I had forgotten I was fasting. But I immediately realized I had made a terrible mistake by eating it.

One fellow in the room worked for the Gallia Times newspaper. I told him it would be a big help if they would print the story of how Chernoff had promised to pay me $45 and then had reneged on his promise.

Crouch (a former fellow law student) walked up and I asked him how much court costs would be if I sued someone here. I was planning to sue Chernoff and I thought court costs would be about $60. Crouch said he didn't know and he couldn't remember things like that.

I told the people here it would cost Chernoff hundreds of dollars just to defend the case. The best thing he could do was to pay me. But I didn't want it to sound as if I were only harassing Chernoff. I was simply stating the truth of the matter.

I ate another biscuit. I had obviously broken my fast, but I still thought I would return to the Ferris wheel and wait at the top. I told the people it wouldn't be bad because I would be able to look down the tops of girls' blouses when I sat above them.

Instead of returning to the Ferris wheel, I finally decided to visit Chernoff myself and ask him for the money. I walked from the fairgrounds to a hill where I knew Chernoff's house was. I began ascending some steps which led up the hill to the house. As I ascended, I looked down at the steps and noticed paper clips, pencils and other things lying on the steps. I picked up a black book of matches and I opened it. The matches inside seemed shaped like long small mushrooms. I expected the matchbook to say "The Manhattan Restaurant" on its cover, but it said something else.

I looked around and saw Katherine standing nearby on another path. She looked very overweight. I thought how easy it would be to go to bed with her, but the idea thoroughly disgusted me.

I continued up the stairs until I reached the house. But instead of Chernoff's house, I realized this was the home of Dr. Weinstein and Mrs. Weinstein (the parents of my old friend Steve Weinstein). I now remembered that Dr. Weinstein was also and optometrist.

I entered and walked around until I reached a certain room which I thought I needed to enter. When I entered the room, I knew I wasn't supposed to walk on the floor here, so I climbed onto a dresser near the door. I knocked some stuff off the dresser, but I was able to pick it back up and replace it on the dresser.

I continued climbing along the wall on some furniture until I was able to reach a door into another room. I passed into that room where I was once again able to walk on the floor.

The room was extremely spacious. One wall was solid glass for about 30 meters. Through the glass I could see a beach and a sea outside. I also saw Katherine standing outside with some fellow and I thought about how disgusting she looked.

I walked to the end of the room where I was amazed to find a group of men practicing karate. I thought the Weinsteins must have donated part of their home to the men to practice karate.

I heard one man say the name of the group was "Fairy Truthful." That seemed interesting.

Three fellows and a girl were walking around together in the room. I thought of joining them, but instead I stood alone and looked out the window.

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