Dream of: 17 January 1984 "C'est Bon"

I was sitting on the right hand side of a classroom in about the third seat from the front. A woman who reminded me of Marie Trowbridge (my tenth grade geometry teacher) was teaching in front of the class. The class was being conducted in French. Apparently everyone else in the class spoke French, but I couldn't understand well what the teacher was saying. She asked the class a question in French. I thought I understood the question, but I wasn't sure. I kept hearing a train in the distance which hindered my hearing.

Finally, the teacher asked the girl sitting in front of me to answer the question. The girl didn't do a good job of answering, and the teacher turned to me and asked me the question. The question in French was, "If you were with somebody and the person started doing something then what would you do?"

I thought my answer should be that I would do what the other person was doing if it pleased me and if it didn't please me, then I would not do what the other person was doing. So I responded, "Je ne sais pas si je comprends. Mais je crois que ce depends. Si le chose que il fait me plait, je suive. Mais si il ne me plait, je ne suive pas."

The teacher was very happy and boomed out that I was right. She said, "Yes. That's right."

The girl in front of me said, "C'est bon."

The girl apparently realized she should have answered that way also. I was quite pleased with myself. I was quite proud of myself because I had been able to understand what the teacher had said and then to give the right answer.

The teacher said something else in English which I didn't really understand, but I nodded my head as if I had.

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