Dream of: 12 January 1984 "Kindergarten Assistant"

I had met a boy (about 14-15 years old) and together we had gone to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. We walked into a room where folding chairs had been set up and we sat down in a couple.

A woman in front of the room began talking. She wanted to bring other people into the discussion and asked people questions, but no one would answer. I felt like saying something several times, but I couldn't bring myself to do it. Finally the fellow who had come with me stood and said a few things.

The meeting terminated, everyone stood and I knew they were all going to hold hands. I really didn't care about holding hands with the fellow with whom I had come; so I walked over and stood to the right of a pretty young girl. She put her hand in mine and I held it. A rather rough-looking character was on my right and I also held his hand. We held hands for a short while.

I learned everyone was going to spend the night here and we all climbed into very large beds. I climbed into a bed with the girl and lay beside her.

We went to sleep and I didn't awaken until morning. I was uncomfortable because I had too much cover on me and threw some of it off. I then realized how close the girl was to me. She had put her arm around me.

I knew she was wearing a white sweater, but was unsure whether she was wearing any pants. I ran my leg along her leg and discovered she clearly wasn't wearing any pants. Her legs felt rather rough and I figured she needed to shave them.

I put my arm around her and she said something to me. She asked about how close I was. I was going to move away but I felt she didn't really want me to move. So I moved a bit closer to her and thought about kissing her.

I gradually let my hand slip down to the bottom of her sweater and brought it up until I was able to feel her breasts. They were rather small but still pleasant to feel. I thought about how I hadn't done such a thing with any girl except Louise for such a long time, but I didn't feel bad about it. I thought it was time I was exploring other women and getting away from Louise.

I gradually slipped my hand down between her legs. She acted as if she were going to stop me at first; but then she gave in and let me continue.

I discovered she was wearing something over top her panties. Nevertheless I was soon able to slip my hand inside them. She seemed to enjoy what I was doing, but finally I decided it wasn't a good idea for me to continue, because so many other people were in bed with us.

She asked me where I was from and I said, "Portsmouth."

I asked her where she was from and she said, "North Moreland."

I told her I had heard of the place but I didn't know exactly where it was, although I knew it was somewhere around Portsmouth. I asked her if she were still in high school and she said that she wasn't, that she was an assistant at the kindergarten at the North Moreland School. I thought, "Well at least she's graduated from high school."

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