Dream of: 07 January 1984 (2) "Blown Fuse"

I was taking care of someone's house for them and invited several people over for a party. Most of the people who came were in their late teens. I began circulating among them and finally sat down behind a girl who had her back to me. Soon I reached around and began feeling her breasts, which were rather small, but which still felt extremely good.

I gradually put my hands underneath her sweater and pulled her bra up over top of her breasts. I continued feeling her breasts for quite a long time until I suddenly felt as if I were going to ejaculate and ran into the toilet, where I suddenly ejaculated. I was only wearing a pair of shorts. Some of the sperm ran down my leg, some fell onto the floor and some even went onto the wall.

Someone began knocking on the bathroom door wanting in. I began wiping up the sperm with tissue and hollered, "Wait. Wait."

I continued wiping it up, threw the tissues into the commode and then sat down on the commode. Three or four girls walked into the toilet. I picked up some toilet paper and pretended I had defecated and was using the toilet paper to wipe. Although I hadn't actually defecated, I was embarrassed sitting in front of the girls as if I had. The girls talked and I told them I thought I could remember having had a dream about a scene like the present one.

Finally the girls went back out and I soon followed them. Once back out in the party I discovered all the lights had gone out. Quite a few electrical appliances had been running. I asked someone to look out the window and see if the lights on the neighbor's house were out. But after looking out, the person couldn't tell.

I looked outside and said, "Well, look, the lights are right next door and they're on. That means we've blown a fuse."

We began looking around for a fuse. Since one fellow there apparently lived in the house, I thought he should know where a fuse was, but he didn't. Finally the lights came back on.

Most of the people began leaving and I began circulating again among some girls who were still here. One gorgeous blonde girl in her late teens snared my attention; I wanted to be with her. Finally everyone else left and only she and I remained. We walked into the bedroom, she put on a night gown and we climbed into bed together. She was just about my size and felt perfect to me. She was large-boned, but had a gorgeous figure. We began kissing and I reached under her nightgown and discovered she wasn't wearing any panties. I next began feeling her nice, full-sized breasts.

I didn't think I would get an erection since I had just ejaculated a short time before, but I immediately had one and wanted to have sex with the girl. I began massaging her between her legs and at first my hands were cold, but they quickly warmed up. I could feel her moist vagina and slid my finger into it. When she quietly moaned, I feared I had forced my finger in too hard and said, "Oh, was that too hard?"

I was very soft and gentle with her. I pulled my finger back out, began kissing her breasts and began lowering my face over her stomach. I remembered ejaculating and began thinking I had already had sex with her once before. I didn't want to have oral sex with her, because I thought I might have already ejaculated inside her. Nevertheless I moved my face closer to her pubic region. But she stopped me. I could tell she didn't want me to go further, so I rose back up.

I lay next to her and was having a wonderful time. Louise crossed my mind once or twice, but thoughts of her no longer caused me to feel any guilt and that was a good feeling.

As we lay there I began thinking of all the mess created in the house by the party. I knew it would have to be cleaned up after while. But I wasn't that concerned about it at the moment because I was having such a wonderful time with the girl.

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