Dream of: 05 January 1984 "Downtown"

I was standing on a corner near the Gay Street House; I thought my mother was nearby. I was playing with a couple stop signs which were placed right next to each other. I bent one sign down and then released it to see if it would flip back up and hit the other one. At the same time I was composing a little ditty in m my head which began, "I was going downtown to see my girl ...."

I decided I wanted to walk downtown. I was wearing my gray jacket and was quite scruffy-looking, not having shaved in several days.

I had seen a dog running around a truck nearby. A little man who looked as if he were probably around 45 walked up and softly asked me if I had seen a dog around here. I wasn't very friendly to him and said, "There used to be a lot of dogs around here, but people have come in and stolen them."

I then asked him if he lived nearby. I wanted to learn if the dog was actually his. He said he lived nearby on Gallia Street near "Black Dave's."

I remembered a restaurant on Gallia Street which was owned by a black man. I looked at him funny and he said, "Well, actually it's a couple blocks farther than that."

His voice had suddenly changed and become much rougher. He had obviously softened his voice at first to deceive me. I decided he was probably just trying to steal someone's dog; I walked away.

I walked on. I might visit an old comic book store which used to be downtown. But I didn't read comic books anymore. I really didn't know where to go or what to do. I might just walk downtown; perhaps I would encounter someone I knew.

I walked past BankOne; Clifford was sitting in a restaurant inside the building. He waved as I passed. I tried to remember whether Clifford had gone to law school, but I couldn't recall. I remembered we had been good friends in junior high school. I walked past the door, but then turned back, thinking, "Oh, I'll just go in and shake his hand."

I walked inside and saw several other people I knew sitting there. I felt a bit like showing off because I had finished law school. Tom McGuiness (a Waco acquaintance, several years my junior, whom I met in Vaughn's law office in 1983) was there; he said, "Well, congratulations about Morgan."

I thought he was referring to my marrying someone named Morgan; I answered, "Well, maybe congratulations are due, but I don't know anybody named Morgan."

But I had recently heard that name; trying to remember where, I realized Sussie Gregory's (an acquaintance) 3 year-old daughter was named Morgan.

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