Dream of: 04 January 1984 "Bar Exam"

I was at Baylor Law School and had just received the results of my bar exam. I had retaken the exam because I hadn't passed the Texas law section the first time, although I had passed the multistate section. I needed a score of 85 to pass the Texas section and the first time I had taken the exam, I had only made an 81. I looked at my score this time and saw I had made an 81 again.

I sat down dejected. Duesler (a law school classmate) was sitting in front of me and had likewise received his exam results back. I saw on his paper that a score of 83 had been marked out and changed to a score of 87. I jumped up, walked up to him and asked, "How did you get your score changed?"

At first he didn't want to talk about it, but finally he admitted he had told the examiners that while he was taking the test, he had had a limp in one of his legs. Therefore he was given extra points because it took him longer to return to the exam room if he had to go to the restroom or take a break while he was taking the test.

That infuriated me. I jumped up and said I was going to go talk with someone about that. Although I didn't want to cause Duesler trouble, I was past the point of caring about him.

I walked down the hall and into a room where a number of professors were sitting. I saw professor Peeler Williams there and marched over to him. He told me to sit down beside him. I thought he might be willing to help me since he had patronized me in law school when he had given me a scholarship. I felt bad about having to admit to Peeler I had flunked the exam, but I was so angry I didn't really care.

I sat down and began explaining about Duesler. I told him I only needed four points to bring my score up to 85. I wanted my four points.

The professors talked and said that wasn't possible. I became enraged. I jumped up and said, "This is not honesty. This whole school is supposed to based on honesty. You call this honesty? I'm going to report this entire incident to the state bar association."

At that point I didn't care what Duesler thought. I wasn't going to let his grade be changed unless mine was also changed.

A couple people walked out of the room. Everyone else looked thoroughly disgusted with me. I sat back down fuming.

I noticed some fellow from India walk in. He was looking for the list with the grades on it. He also had taken the exam. He looked at the list and had a satisfied look on his face. Apparently he had passed.

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