Dream of: 31 December 1983 "Chain Saw Massacre"

My mother and I were together and we were planning to go to Kay's (my father's ex-wife's) house to investigate something. Apparently Kay had been living with my father and we were going to try to find out exactly what was going on between Kay and my father.

My mother was afraid to go at first. We knew Kay had a chain saw and my mother was afraid Kay might attack us with it. I told my mother that Kay surely wouldn't do anything like that. I said that it wouldn't be dangerous and that we should go.

We left and soon arrived at Kay's house. We walked inside, made our way to Kay's bedroom and snooped around the bed. Suddenly Kay walked out of the bathroom. I was standing on the other side of the bed, but my mother was next to Kay.

Kay suddenly grabbed a chain saw sitting there and before I could act, she crammed the saw into my mother's back. The blade of the saw come through my mother's chest. My mother screamed. Kay moved the chain saw upward slicing my mother.

When I ran around the bed and knocked Kay down, my mother fell onto the bed with the chain saw still in her. I grabbed the chain saw and pulled it out, but it was too late: my mother was obviously already dead.

As I held the chain saw, I wondered whether I should chop off Kay's head with it. I couldn't bring myself to do it, even though I felt like it.


Except for the fact that my dream self sometimes had sexual contact with my dream mother, as Oedipus had sexual contact with his mother, the similarities between Oedipus and the real me are rather thin.

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