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Dream of: 30 December 1983 "Losing All Hope"

I walked into the auditorium of what appeared to be Portsmouth High School; I was here to see a stage production. I headed toward an empty  seat near the front; but before I could reach the seat, a girl sat down in it. So I sat in an empty seat a couple rows behind the girl. The seat to my left was empty, but someone was sitting in the seat on the other side of it.

Louise walked in and sat down in the seat on my left. I was surprised to see her here. I noticed how much she resembled Birdie.

She looked distracted and upset. I asked her what she was doing here and then asked her if she had the gun. She answered, "Yes."

I was worried about her; she might do something crazy to herself. I saw the gun was in her left pocket; I reached around and took it from her. It was small and looked like a luger.

The fellow sitting on the other side of Louise heard Louise mention the gun and said, "What are you doing with a gun? Why do you have a gun?"

Louise answered, "Because it killed my mother."

Someone several seats farther down handed Louise a paper. I inferred someone had interviewed Louise for a job and the paper contained a report thereof. Apparently Louise had come here specifically to obtain the paper.

I looked at the paper and saw it was a rejection slip. Louise also looked at it. She was obviously extremely sad about it. She looked as if she were loosing all hope of ever finding a job. It seemed she was only receiving rejection slips. I felt badly for her. She seemed to be at an all time low. If she could only find a job her spirits would certainly revive.

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