Dream of: 29 December 1983 "Soot"

Vaughn had bought two large old neighboring houses which were quite run-down. I was in the smaller of the two with Lynn (a Waco attorney) and Joann (Vaughn's secretary). We were cleaning up the house and Joann and I were doing most of the work.

I asked Lynn how much Vaughn had paid for the houses and Lynn said Vaughn had paid $4,000 for both houses. I could hardly believe it. It seemed like an incredible buy. I thought I might be able to buy one of the houses from Vaughn. Lynn suggested I offer Vaughn $4,000 for the one we were in.

I began looking more closely at the house and I saw water stains on the ceiling where a leak had been. Stains were also down the walls. I thought the wallpaper would need to be removed and replaced.

I began examining a fireplace in the room and poked around in its chimney. Soot began falling out and I poked farther causing more soot to fall down. The chimney appeared to be full of soot and I thought it would need to be cleaned out.

Finally Vaughn walked into the room. I suggested my buying the house from him for $4,000. But he seemed reluctant and said, "Well, what about all your plans to take off to a country down south? Don't you think that would be better to do something like that?"

I thought, "Well, it might be better to stay around here for a while and forego leaving temporarily in order to get some money together."

It seemed so strange for me to be involved in buying and repairing a house. Nevertheless it was difficult to say no to such a good deal.

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