Dream of: 28 December 1983 "Charging Admission"

I was on my way to class at the Baylor Law School when I encountered my girlfriend Louise on the Baylor campus. It was about 7:40 a.m. and we had started to school earlier than usual.

I had a blanket with me. We thought we could lie down, pull the blanket over us and quickly have sex before we went to class. We took off all our clothes, lay down under the blanket and began having sex. We continued for a while and then finished. I looked out from under the blanket, saw that about eight girls had formed a circle around our blanket and thought, "Uh oh. Now we're in trouble."

Suddenly two of the girls grabbed the blanket and began pulling on it, trying to pull it off us. Louise and I were both completely nude and we tried to hold the blanket over us. One girl grabbed the blanket and ferociously began pulling. Finally I had to stand up nude in front of all of them and try to pull the blanket away from them.

The girls were giggling, laughing and having a good time. Finally I was able to pull the blanket away from them and put it back over Louise and me. But the girls had already seen both of us nude. Some other people on their way to school had also seen us. Louise and I were both a bit angry, but not really that upset about the whole matter. We began dressing.

Louise, the girls and I walked into a small, nearby house where Louise and I finished dressing. I looked at all eight girls and said, "Well, you all have an advantage over me. You'll recognize me the next time you see me on campus because there's just one of me. But I probably won't be able to recognize you because there are eight of you."

I scrutinized their faces trying to engrave them in my mind. I thought it would be rather embarrassing to run into them again on campus.

Louise and I quickly left the house. Once outside, I looked back at the girls looking out the window and asked them if they had enjoyed what they had seen. I said, "Well, next time we're going to charge admission. We're going to charge you fifty cents apiece."

They said, "OK."

I jokingly said, "Well, we'll be back tomorrow morning. Bring your money."

Louise and I continued to the law school. When we reached the classroom, Louise went in first, walked to the back of the class and sat down next to Haim Habib. I was surprised to see Haim here. No one else was sitting in the area. Haim stood up and I walked over intending to hug him, although I didn't know if I should. But I did. Haim looked strong, happy and robust. I said, "Well, Haim, what are you doing here? You're supposed to be in Europe."

We walked out into the hall, went up some stairs and began talking. Apparently he had temporarily returned to the school to work on a project. I was happy to see him and felt bad because I had never written him. I had told him before he went to Europe I would write.

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