Dream of: 26 December 1983 "Fenal"

I was taking a class in international finance at Baylor Law School. I had been reading a textbook on the subject and had thoroughly covered a section dealing with Latin American countries. I found it all quite interesting.

I went to the locker room. I had heard a search was going to be conducted for drugs. Since I was carrying a trifling amount of marijuana around with me in a baggie, I looked for a place to hide it and finally put it over top the lockers. When I then went to my locker, I found a man standing in front of it. He was the school detective and was looking for drugs. He pulled a boot from my locker and extracted a large baggie of what looked like marijuana from the boot. I had forgotten the stuff had been in my boot and I was thoroughly surprised when he pulled it out. He immediately arrested me and took me away to a cell in the school.

I was told I could move about the building but couldn't leave. I could also no longer attend classes.

I walked around the halls and noticed posters had been put up showing that my name had been taken off the list of practice court members. Somebody even gave me a list to put up on which I saw my name had been scratched out.

I knew the authorities were going to ask me the names of anyone else whom I knew who used drugs. I thought about my old friend Steve Buckner and I wondered where he had his marijuana and his drugs. I knew I could tell the authorities about him, but I had already decided not to do that.

I was taken to a little room and given a part of the stuff they had found. I realized the stuff wasn't really marijuana although it had some seeds which were similar to marijuana seeds. My major concern was to find an expert who could test the stuff to prove it wasn't really marijuana. But when I noticed a commode in the room, I flushed everything down the commode. When the authorities returned, I told them I had destroyed the evidence. They said that was only part of it and they still had some.

They took me back to my cell. On the way back, I saw professor Dawson (the practice court professor) standing in front of the elevator. I thought he would speak to me when I walked by, but he just snubbed me.

The authorities gave me a computer print-out of court dates. My name and the names of many other people were on the list. Apparently another fellow had been arrested at the same time I had been arrested, and his name was also on the list. Apparently he had hired a lawyer to help him, and he had been freed. I considered whether I should hire a lawyer and I asked the authorities if they could tell me who a good lawyer would be.

I thought I might just defend myself. But that might not be the best solution. I would probably contact Jim Terrell (a lawyer I had met at the Waco Law Office). Perhaps he could defend me and, if not, perhaps he would know someone who could.

I wanted a copy of the Penal Code to determine exactly what the penalty was for possession of marijuana. I knew the law said something about "fenal" in regard to marijuana. What did "fenal" mean? I thought it was some sort of measurement.

Would I later be able to take the classes over since I had been kicked out of school for the quarter? If so, I thought, I would do quite well especially in the finance class since I liked it so well.

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