Dream of: 21 December 1983 (2) "Thinking Of God"

After deciding not to see each other anymore, my girlfriend Louise and I had separated. Somewhat depressed and disheartened, I had gone alone to the Red Lobster restaurant in Waco to have a meal. As I sat at my table and ate, I wondered what I would do tonight, since I wasn't going to be with Louise anymore.

As I wrote something on a napkin lying on the table, I contemplated visiting a night club and drinking some beer, but I didn't want to go to a night club and I didn't want to drink any beer. Thinking of drinking beer made me think about God, and thinking about God made me realize drinking beer wouldn't be the right thing for me to do.

Perhaps I could think of a woman whom I could ask out. I thought about one of my friends at Baylor Law School, Brian, a handsome fellow who had no trouble finding women. But I was unsure of who I could ask out. Several woman passed through my mind, including Burns and Burton, two attractive girls who had been my classmates in high school. And I thought of Petty (a female law student), with her long blonde hair.

As I thought about the women, I was surprised when all three of them walked into the restaurant and took seats at a table across the room. Once they had sat down, my view of them was blocked by the people in the crowded room, but through some mirrors on the wall I could see the reflections of the women from an angle. I could also see myself in one mirror. I was dressed in a short-sleeved blue shirt.

What would we do if I asked out one of the women? Maybe we would go out and eat somewhere. Afterwards, perhaps we could go to a movie. But I was unsure where I wanted to go with them. If they saw me, they would probably tell Louise about me, say, "How typical," and describe how they had seen me sitting all alone at Red Lobster, without anybody.


At Baylor Law School, I ran into Petty. Still thinking of asking her out, I talked with her a long time about many different subjects. I was surprised when she informed me she was only 14 years old.

A busy person, she said she was working on another law review article. When I asked her how many law review articles she had already written, she said she had written two, both of which had already been published.

I asked her how long she had been in law school, and she replied this was her sixth quarter. Just then, Mitchell (another fellow who was a law school classmate) walked up. I blurted out to Mitchell, "Can you believe that? She's in the sixth quarter and has already had two law review articles published."

As Mitchell joined in the conversation, Petty continued to be quite friendly toward me. I thought she probably knew Louise and I had separated. Although I thought she might be interested in going out with me, I wasn't completely sure.

As we talked, Petty mentioned she had had many "evening" dreams lately. I interjected, "You know what, I had a dream about you last night." As soon as I had spoken, I realized I had intruded on what Petty had been saying. As Mitchell turned to walk away, I thought about how silly I had sounded. Mitchell hadn't spoken about how many law review articles he had written when Petty had mentioned she had written two articles, but as soon as she had said she had had a dream, I had to blurt out I had had a dream about her. Nevertheless, despite my blunder, I began recounting my dream to Petty. I said, "I was sitting out at a restaurant."

"Where?" she asked.

I replied, "The Red Lobster. And eating in this dream. And I saw three girls walk in and you were one of them."

I continued recounting the episode at the restaurant to Petty.

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