Dream of: 21 December 1983 "Hindu Marriage"

I was with Terrell (a Waco lawyer) in the Law Office in Waco (where I worked during my last year of law school). He was preparing to go somewhere to research a case and I asked if I could accompany him. He said I could and we left.

He told me he was going to the train station to pick up a parcel (which had something to do with his case) from UPS. He needed to find out what was written on a particular document.

As we arrived at the train station, the train carrying his parcel pulled up, but it continued to move along the track and didn't seem to be stopping. The train was going so slow, I thought perhaps we should simply hop aboard.

When the train finally stopped, we saw a freight car with "UPS" written on the side, boarded the train and walked into the UPS car which was filled with mail. As we walked around amidst the bundles and packages of mail, Terrell pointed to one bundle and said, "Well we need to start going through this bundle. Throw the packages over here in this bin and go through them and look for the address of Vail."

I began picking up packages and throwing them into the bin. Terrell did the same. The train began moving and was soon going full speed as we continued looking through the bundles of mail. I thought our activity was an interesting aspect of legal research. Quite impressed by Terrell's conduct of the investigation, I said, "Well, you certainly do know some tricks of the trade, don't you."

When I finally spotted a package which said "Vail" on it, I pointed it out to Terrell. He came over and opened it. It contained many sheets of paper which were all the same. On the front of each sheet was a picture of an elephant.

Terrell began reading some writing which was also on each sheet. The writing was about a girl named Pam Brown. It occurred to me that I didn't know the name of Terrell's client.

The sheet said Pam Brown was going to marry in a few days. The marriage was to be a Hindu type marriage and the papers were invitations to the wedding.

The papers described some of the events to occur at the wedding. It interested me. The papers said, "You are all invited."

Apparently the sheet was going to be printed in a magazine and the public was going to be invited. I thought perhaps I would go and take Louise (my girlfriend, a law student at Baylor Law School).

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