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Dream of: 19 December 1983 (2) "Line From Confucius"

I was riding a bicycle in South Shore, Kentucky. The area was Spanish-speaking and reminded me of Mexico. I was headed for the US Grant bridge which crosses the Ohio River into Portsmouth. I had seen some advertisements that the communists were having a convention today to elect new representatives and I decided I wanted to go to the convention. I thought the convention was going to be near the bridge on the Kentucky side.

I rode on and found a tent near the bridge. I looked inside and saw some tables and chairs. I had expected hundreds of people, but only about twenty people were present. When I saw how few people were here, I was unsure whether I wanted to enter. I felt apprehensive about going in because I feared I would be thrown out. I knew I was an American and not part of the convention.

I circled the tent twice on my bicycle. I thought about a line from Confucius I had recently read which said approximately, "If you meet somebody that you don't want to talk to and you talk with them, you've missed your chance; if you meet a man who you want to talk to and you don't talk to, then you've missed your man."

I thought, "Well, I'm not sure I want to talk to anybody in there, but I'm at least going to go in and try it."

I finally pulled into the tent, found a spot and parked the bike. I noticed one of the tables had a card on it which said "Leon." Leon was apparently a province of Kentucky. I walked to a table on the left side in front and sat down. I immediately saw a man and thought, "Do I want to talk to him?"

He didn't appear to be a person with whom I wanted to talk, so I sat quietly. In front of the room was a woman talking behind a podium. But directly in front of me was a small television with a Spanish program on. I thought if I didn't care to hear what the speaker was saying I could listen to the television.

But the speaker said something about the television and I inferred she wanted me to turn it off. It had many knobs and buttons on the front of it. I pressed the buttons and turned the knobs, but nothing happened. Then I noticed some knobs and buttons on the side.

A woman from the audience walked up intending to help me. I noticed one button with a small picture of what appeared to be a lightening bolt on it. I thought that meant power and pressed it. The television went off and I sat back down.

But suddenly it came back on. I thought, "Well, there's got to be some way to control this television. But I just really don't know what it is."

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