Dream of: 19 December 1983 "Horses In The Clouds"

Haim Habib and a woman were with me in the front bedroom of the House in Bellmead (where I had been living). Haim and the woman were planning to act in a play tonight. They had already memorized their lines, but they had never rehearsed. I told them it was a shame they hadn't been able to rehearse because that would have helped them.

As we talked, more people walked into the room to talk about the play. My old friend Steve Buckner was among those who entered. I soon learned the play wasn't going to actually take place until the following night. In the meantime a reception was to take place here for the members of the play.

I had three large collages sitting on a bookshelf in the room. Buckner said something to me and then walked over to look at the collages. Both the older collage I had made while I had lived in Puerto Rico and my two newest collages were there. I looked at the pictures from afar;  I had changed some of the pictures on the two newer ones. I had placed a large square picture in the middle of my most recent collage and had taken off the picture of the large, golden, Grecian mask which I had originally placed on the picture. The other collage which showed the picture of the sitting Buddha below the nine justices of the United States Supreme Court standing on the back of an eagle flying in the clouds was sitting on the floor underneath the other collages.

I thought about the collage I had made on which I had placed black and white pictures on the perimeter of the collage and colored pictures in the middle. And I thought about the collage I had made which had a picture of the United States Supreme Court building on it with the words "Equal Justice Under Law" inscribed upon it. I wondered what Buckner would think of that one when he saw it.

Another man walked in who I at first thought was professor Newton. I hoped he would see my collages because I knew he was fairly well-versed in art. I wondered what he would think about them. He walked up to Haim and me and shook our hands. He said, "Hello Jim."

I thought he had mistaken my name and I said, "Steve."

"Oh, yea," he replied.

I looked at him more closely after he called me Jim and I realized that he wasn't Newton after all and that I likewise had made a mistake identifying him. He was just another law student from the law school.

I looked around the room; another collage (which I had completely redone) was hanging right behind me on the wall. The upper part of the collage was covered with pictures of clouds. Out of the clouds were rising some black horses which were partly covered by the clouds. Toward the middle of the collage the horizon could be seen all the way across the picture. The line of the horizon consisted of several pictures. Originally the line of the horizon hadn't been complete, but I had pasted a picture right in the middle of the collage which completed the horizon all the way across. I hadn't even realized what I had done at the time I had done it. As I looked at it, I realized how nice it looked the way the pictures fitted together so the horizon went straight across.

Another picture was in the clouds which looked like a house. On the bottom of the collage appeared a scene which seemed to be of some animals being herded off to slaughter. Horses and cattle were being led up a slaughter ramp. I had also pasted pictures of men onto the scene at the bottom. The entire slaughter scene was particularly disgusting.

One picture in the slaughter scene looked like a horse except it had two heads one in front and one on its tail. When I looked more closely at the picture, I realized the head in back actually appeared to be a costume worn by a man. I thought that being bound to an animal like that was a fitting punishment for a man who had slaughtered animals.

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